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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


One Thought

maybe double portions of goldfish wasn't the best idea

Not bad until you get to three. Then you have to abandon the man to man defense.
were they still wriggling?
Pinko misses you
Are you pregnant???
Also, I disagree with fish. I've heard that when you get to three, it's easily turned into a dictatorship.
Jealous cats?
Kathleen is SO preggers.
fish said...
Not bad until you get to three. Then you have to abandon the man to man defense.

this is not helping....
Are you having twins??
That's a good idea. It makes sense to have an emergency back-up.
ZRM - are you saying I can just fridge one until needed? that will make things easier....
You could also store 'em in cellophane, apparently.
I had a friend who had a theory. If you have one kid and it is screwed up, it is proof you are a bad parent. If you have several kids and one is screwed up, it was bound to happen, so having a lot of kids is insurance against being accused of being a bad parent...
fish's friend was Anne Elk (Miss). She had a theory, which was hers....
Are there things going on that Aunt Beege doesn't know about?!?!

Two things. And I call them
Thing One and Thing Two.
Kathleen is very secretive and mysterious.
Maybe you could make a video and have B explain?!

(I miss B updates since I quit FB)

I refuse to make this a fertility competition between C and myself. I swear his little swimmers probably have Lakers warm up pants on. Disgusting.
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