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Thursday, November 15, 2012


Three Thoughts

(1) this article is terrifying: Kill The Password

(2) now I need Calming manatee

(3) I literally cannot comprehend the mindset that thinks it is reasonable to refuse to terminate a non-viable pregnancy.  When someone says "pro life" what I hear is "Dead women".
there are not enough calming manatees in the world.

Passwords are people, too!
That story from Ireland is heinous.

Those Manatees!
The Ireland story is also about malpractice though: the husband should get all responsible staff canned. Or shot, one or the other.
But Ireland had explicitly made abortion for any reason illegal when there is a fetal heartbeat, no extenuating circumstances to be considered; so the doctors and staff were operating within the strict letter of the law (although not the Oath of Hippocrates). So I don't see how they can get the staff canned. Maybe he can get the laws changed.

The shooting thing is probably still an option.
When someone says "pro life" what I hear is "Dead women".


Pro-life as long as it's not the woman's life.
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